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The Nigeria for Women Project (NFWP) is a strategic long-term engagement between the World Bank and the Government of Nigeria to support the government’s goal of ensuring gender equality.

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The Nigeria for Women Project (NFWP) is a strategic long-term partnership between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the World Bank to support the government’s goal of ensuring gender equality.

This project’s design is the first of its kind to be implemented in Nigeria, through government and at scale supporting women groups.

This project will address barriers to women’s prosperity and build social assets for women’s economic participation which is critical for inclusive poverty reduction in Nigeria. The NFWP intends to achieve this by implementing, across multiple local contexts in Nigeria approaches that contribute to women’s economic outcomes and, through them, the well-being of individual households and communities

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The implementation and roll-out will be phased, starting with six states across the geo-political zones (Abia, AkwaIbom, Kebbi, Niger, Ogun and Taraba) in Nigeria to allow for learning and iterations. Documented experiences and lessons learnt as well as models developed during the implementation of this phase will be replicated in the subsequent project phases.

This five-year national intervention will guarantee improved livelihood opportunities for 324,000 women in Nigeria.


To create a future in which Nigerian women will be empowered through economically developed gender sensitive and responsive programmes that will alleviate and eradicate poverty in the land.


Ensuring economic opportunities to women in selected communities of the country towards addressing gender inequality especially in the areas of livelihood support and contributing to other family outcomes of education, health and nutrition among others.


To provide an investment that will improve the livelihoods of women in Nigeria to boost inclusive growth by ensuring economic opportunities for women in addressing gender inequality.


To support improved livelihoods for women in targeted areas of Nigeria


Creating an enabling environment for women to overcome institutional failures including markets and barriers to enhance productive livelihoods and socioeconomic advancement.

To carry out strategic communications campaign (CC) with an overall objective of behavioural change, awareness generation and project information dissemination.

To support socioeconomic upliftment of women by supporting the advancement of policy dialogue, strengthening technical and implementation capacity and better coordination among implementing partners at the Federal, State and Local Government levels

To build social capital by galvanizing women to become members of Women Affinity Groups (WAGs) and strengthening both new and existing WAGs that can serve as institutional platforms for women in Nigeria

To provide economically active women in their groups with livelihoods grants as well as skilled training to include psycho-emotional entrepreneurship and market responsive technical skills based on sound analysis of the livelihood sectors and market demand

To deploy innovations that will transform women’s social and livelihood outcomes, improve project delivery and overall impact on women