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NfWP ends long time suffering.

Mrs. Salomi Samaila is a resident of Lamma community located in Zing LGA of Taraba State. This community is sighted on the hill side of Zing, it is very rocky and lacks basic life easing amenities hence people like Mrs. Salomi rely on the use of grinding stones and other crude method of processing things especially grains. As difficult as the activity may sound, Mrs. Salomi Samaila does this crude method of grinding with stone as her income generating activity within her community of Lamma. You will say it is time consuming and extremely strenuous, isn’t it? Well, it is a source of livelihood for Salomi irrespective of these odds. Eventually, the emergence of NFWP was the beginning of light at the end of the tunnel for Salomi. This zealous and hardworking woman joined “Shoranbeviba WAG” where she learnt a lot about financial education, business skills, gender & life skills before getting a smooth access to loan after she had realized she could own a grinding machine to ease her life and boost her income greatly. This resilient woman says she is highly excited with her newly procured machine because it serves her and equally serves her community members and even the neighboring communities of Sensi, Gwo and Kavoh.

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